Thursday, June 25, 2009

Satellites and Singularities

This blog has been a long time comming. I uploaded a lot on content today so please go deep in the older pages and have a look-see.

I'm planning on keeping this my regular "look at what I did" blog so bookmark if you wish. The stuff will only get better.


Animation Stuff

4 keys
tured into this
Here's a robo skeleton
Now with the "skin"



Some characters

The pig we had to practice to get into animation

A space hero!

Characters for animation


This is a page of facial sexpressions

Mr. Goodman
Me : This one was voted by my classmates to be #1. I got gummy bears and a poster for it!

Charicatures of classmates

We also had to do us... here's me done by me.

Dan C

Paths of Action and some technical workings

This is the path of action for a falling peice of paper.
Was a great animation...

Working out the main movement of the flower sack

For a stylised walk
Robo in a box to line up all angles with the vanishing points.


To find the optimal design, you must have a go at a design several diffrent times.

The Pan BackGround

Here's the final for design. It's a pan background city road at ground level

Animation Back Grounds


Trying my hat at diffrent things, I delved (in and out quite fast) into tattooing. Here's some of what I got.

My other portfolio with some real good stuff is in another shop I dare not go get.

This one I would wear myself

Mike D from work got this one

A tat for Andre

One I drew with my buddy Andre in mind, and he now wears it.

butterfly wife, naked faceless and the dance

More illustrations, rotoscoping style